January 15, 2006

Bonne Fete!

Today is my sister's 21 birthday. She is now not only officially old, but also legal to drink in the United States (a huge milestone as you may have gathered)... Though we've had our differences, I must say that only talking once or twice a month has done wonders for our sister bond.

I did two containments yesterday on the same girl in the span of 5 minutes. Why you ask? Oh, it was your average run of the mill riot between the two groups. But don't worry, I got to take care of the biggest and strongest girl. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could handle her and not get pummled, though she did manage to get out.

The sketchiest part was that by the time support had arrived we were already about 10 minutes in to the situation and things had actually started to calm down. I was able to make the call on the radio so another resident grabbed it and made some frantic calls... The reply, "So, do you girls need some help?"

The answer is yes.

Anywho, I'm off for two days starting tomorrow morning. I know I can make it, I've done it before, but I'd really like to be warm and cozy and full and not have to use the bathroom.

I like to go in to the weekends assuming I'm not going to get a break because then when I do, it feels like a miracle.

I smell like smoke.

The weather has turned cold again. Cold, cloudy and rainy. Which is almost preferrable to warm and sunny because though the girls complain more, they tend to refuse less. But I'm a bad counsellor and I like refusals because that means we get to sit around and wait for them to decide to do whatever it is they need to do.

When you quit or get fired around here it's like you are erased from history. And it seems like there has to be a waiting period before you can even mention that person's name around here again. This place is like a venus fly trap. Only meaner. A big mean venus fly trap.

Enough random, I must go peruse the news.


Anonymous said...

WE had your sister's birthday. cake, grilled slamon and grilled veggies. her bf had a hamburger. She opened her presents as soon as she got here. I'm getting her Tickets to Tuesday wiht Maury at Neptune Theatre. So we watched a littl TV talked babout how expensive weddings are and they left to get some power steerring fluid and kitty litter.
She is official. And i have a ton of dishes to do.

Emily said...

I can sympathize... not being cozy and needing to go to the bathroom all the time can really do a number on ya..
Hang in there... April is really not that far away!!!

Cheryl <> said...

Hi! I like your new journal... hmm, much better... maybe i will follow! :D

Bless You, I'm glad I hunted you down.. I missed reading your entries :):)

And i wanted to know how you are and what you're up to... I shall go find out! :)

Shannon said...

Hey Ev'y, I feel for you, well I would if I could reach. I love you so much. And if April is your coming home Date... then let me know what Kind of Welcome Home party you'd like...

Oh Ev'y I just miss you so much.. is it sad that I almost crave you?

aha Ok Maybe that's a bit scary.

I'll try and call you, I can't gauruntee... I have Youth group. Love ya!