February 26, 2006


This time tomorrow night I'll be back in the US of A.

Eight days off is nice, but I don't really feel all that rested. I'm glad that I'll have some time to sleep when I get back tomorrow, and I'm only going in for a one day shift proceeded by three off. I haven't decided what to do for that three day off shift. I should go somewhere and see some sights, but back to that tired comment...

I'm not sure what things are going to be like when I head back. Things may have shifted and the program end date may be in a week, two weeks, four weeks... Who knows when I'll be back in Kanadakut. I don't have a job yet, though I've applied to some promising places. Sydney, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Truro.

Up in the air plans are fun and all, but I'd like some idea of what I'm doing. Know what I mean?

Being home has been nice. When I'm here it feels like I've never been gone, and I'm reminded of how nice it is to "be gone". Maybe the romanticized version that comes from being homesick is better left alone. If that makes any sense?

Like the title suggests I'm feeling dry, that includes both my current skin condition and my creative juices.

Maybe I'll do a post via the phone at the Newark airport, it'll be a slice.

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nicole said...

Yes I know that feeling. When home just sounds so great and you get there and it is wonderful that it really is just the same. But it is sad all at the same time because nothing ever changes.

I want to move back to Canada someday soon. I think I would feel more at home anywhere in Canada than I do here.