February 08, 2006

Urge to Kill....Rising

These children just... aojrvblasijfbalkb

I have no words. They are able to make me so unbelievably angry. The kind of anger that previously only my siblings were able to raise.

I tell her to go to bed. This is the natural thing to happen after lights out and you're still up. She puts her hand up in my face telling me to shut-up talking to her.

I closed my eyes. Reminded myself she was being re-staffed in four days, and gave her as many zeroes as possible. I hate that they can make me so angry. It's unreal. Evidence that somewhere along the way I was able to learn self-control.

I have two days off, tomorrow and Friday, so give a call if you like!

Another funny story. The computer that they have for staff internet access hasn't been working (the internet part). It says that a thingy is unplugged. So I go into the little room with the little plugs, see that our connection has no little lights, and I change it for another that does have little lights.

It was the connection for the office and I didn't change it back until late this afternoon when I discovered that the entire office was unable to do any work all day.

Now there's an angry message on the door, warning the unqualified not to enter without permission from the IT department. My reaction:

There's an IT department???

Anyway, I'm going to avoid the office during open hours because I'm sure that I'm not on their nice list. And people are only able to gossip and spread rumours around here, so... there ya go.

Yeah, I'm feeling angry and in need of a few days off. The up part is that I was double-covered for the past three days and didn't have to be around them that much. I definitely prefer trouble-shooting to dealing with the monotony of group coverage all day...

I need to go to bed, it's early, my feet are wet. And I have nothing better to do.

Far thee well, loves.

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Emily said...

Although I'm sure that this is not what you want to hear.. at least this experience has been character building.
I'd offer to trade spots with you but something tells me that you will not want to be in my position in the next couple of days!
Hang in there!! you'll be away from it soon!