March 09, 2006

And they said it'd never last

Another staff member quit, if you're interested. He was from S. Africa and hadn't seen his family in six years, can't say I blame him.

The girls program is officially closing down, if I haven't mentionned that before. March 31st marks the departure of the last Alabamian female juvenile delinquent I hope to have the pleasure of knowing.

Good times. As I mentionned in my highly acclaimed audio post I did indeed have a telephone interview with a group home in Edmonton, Alberta. Edmonton you say?

Yes, Edmonton.

It's with kids who have more developmental issues, i.e. FAS and other brain things. It's pretty scary, since I said I'd never want to work in that field. But now I kinda want to try it for a while. I think I may have to stick this one out a little longer than 6 months, since one can only move across the continent so many times... But what am I saying, I haven't even been offered the position yet!

I have also decided that this will in no way impede my attendance at the two weddings happening later this year, that being my former roomate (we were roomates? wow seems like centuries ago), and my little baby brother who is far to young to be thinking of marriage, but is nonetheless and it'll probably work out for 'em.

And inhale.

I have the thought of getting a new blog. I want a personalized template and a new theme. I feel as though I've outgrown this "southernesque" theme. More to come at a later date.

I'm making plans to head to Jackson, TN for another visit. I loved it there at Christmas, and apparantly my little cousin is now walking. And I must be a witness. I said in an email that I'm looking for a very "southern" experience which I feel I have missed out on a bit. I don't know if anything may come of that, but I'm hoping so.

This job has become very easy compared to the drudgery hell that it was. The problem is the girls are slack, and are now even more resistant to structure. They don't calm down easily.

You know how when a small group of people (4) is in practically constant contact with the other members of the group they tend to get cranky and bicker? Welcome to my world.

I need to go to bed, so per usual, so I will.


Kaitlyn said...

Hey Evelyn...

Edmonton is actually a really great place. I am living here doing pharmacy at U of A. There are so many opportunities and you definitely get paid more here than in Atlantic Canada. Maybe you'll even start skiing! Good luck with the job and I love reading your blog, still can't believe you had to give one of the girls seroquel every four hours????

Best of luck, kaitlyn

Holly said...

Ummm Edmonton is a bit farther away than Truro... Soooo what the heck?? Did you apply for the Truro job?

But, putting my selfish desire for Evelyn to live close to me aside, I think it would be a great opportunity for you... Even though we'll miss you. Again. :P

nicole said...

Edmonton would be a fantastic opportunity! I am quitely pondering about going out that way someday in the near future as well.

Even if Alberta doesn't work out, you can't say you aren't trying and checking out new possiblities for employment. I give you much credit for that, it takes a lot of guts!


Shannon said...

Edmonton, wow a bit farther away than I'd like.. and you know how everything I want must Happen!!

I'm glad for you - living in different places - I know you don't have the job yet - - but the thought of travel ... the life experiences.. sigh...

love ya hun!

Becca said...

Alberta seems to be calling alot of maritimers lately. I might be working there this summer, although not sure how I feel about missing convocation which I'd have to do if I do get the job. Not Edmonton though, Red Deer.

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