March 25, 2006

Dear Ms. Carless (Downster)

A goodbye letter from one of the girls. Appearing here in it's entirety:

What's up? Look you made my life here miserable as well as pleasant. I'm hoping you want [won't] forget me because God know I want [won't] forget you. You will be in my prayers (that's a good thing). I hope you will soon be able to join your family and maybe have one (A family) if you ever take that stick out of your a--. I'm being for real. I feel you too uptight. But I know you probably thinking im just being BK. I'm being for real. You're a nice person with intelligence. Do something. But continue to be you. I learned a lot from you. Honestly, and I want [won't] forget about you. I don't think no one can take the place of a DOWNSTER in my heart.

The beautiful,


Thanks... BK. I think?

We call the kids by their initials for confidentiality reasons. As for the Downster bit. I'm Downster, my co-counsellor is the Gorminator (Gormley). It just turned out like that.

This is what I've been doing for the past 6 months. Yeah...


Holly said...

Awwww, that's... sweet? LOL!! Just make sure you remove that stick before too long... Don't want any serious complications there. :P

Shannon said...

Ev'y I don't think it's a bad letter... I think that you made a difference - so now you've accomplished your goal, and you can come home.

Emily said...

That's interesting.. It sounds like she's trying to be very complimentary.... in an offensive sort of way... It's sweet though, you obviously made an impact on her in some way! Who knows maybe someday your uptightness might rub off on her!

Brandy said...

F, the way that I see it is this...
The girl obviously has a dfficult time allowing her feelings to show, but she is trying to tell you that you made a difference.
If you made a difference in even one life then your time 'down there' was well worth it!
Love ya,
Come home soon ...k