March 17, 2006


Remember that audio post with the song you couldn't hear the words to? Hear are the lyrics. J'aime beaucoup.

It basically perfectly summarizes my thoughting thinks these days.

There's a word I like, and it pops into my head on a regular basis: wanderlust

wan·der·lust (wndr-lst) - A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel.

It's a German word, and it also perfectly summizes mes thoughts du jour. I thought it might be cool to start a website under that name, but there already is one (, and then I thought it'd be cool to start a blog with that name and it also exists, though apparantly the passion wore out on December 5th, 2000.

Anywho, I'm using a computer I'm not supposed to, and I hear footsteps. So enjoy the words and have a lovely weekend.

Soul Meets Body - Deathcab For Cutie

I want to live where soul meets body,
And let the sun wrap its arms around me,
And bathe my skin in water cool and cleansing,
And feel, feel what it's like to be new,

'Cause in my head there's a Greyhound station,
Where I send my thoughts to far-off destinations.
So they may have a chance of finding a place where,
They're far more suited then here.

I cannot guess what we'll discover,
When we turn the dirt with our palms cupped like shovels,
But I know our filthy hands can wash one another's,
And not one speck will remain.

And I do believe it's true that there are roads left in both of our shoes,
But if the silence takes you then I hope it takes me too.

So brown eyes I hold you near, 'cause you're the only song I want to hear
A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere.

Where soul meets body.
Where soul meets body.
Where soul meets body.


Andrew said...

One should act on their wanderlust in order to mold a weltenschaung so they won't have schadenfreud.

Becca said...

Such a fantastic song.