April 08, 2006

Bad Moon Rising

Well, we made it, and for once in my life I'm glad I was at work.

Things did get pretty sketchy around here, but due to the fact that we are nestled in a nice little valley, there was actually only minimal threat that any tornadoes would have come our way.

AFter the kids went to bed Istayed up listening to the radio, and every few minutes a scary emergency signal would sound telling us where the tornadoes were. The reason I'm glad I wasn't at home is because there were two or three touch downs less than a mile from my apartment. I would have been by myself on a top floor apartment, probably in the bathtub with a mattress over my head.

At around 11 pm we were made aware that some dangerous stuff was heading our way, so we woke all the boys up (they thought it was time to wake up, and were rather hard to motivate). We piled in the vans and headed to more sturdy foundations. The boys all slept on the floor (all 48 of them) and I slept in the conveniently located sick bay...

It was a bizarre evening. But for whatever morbid reason, I love that kind of thing! You can have your bungee jumping and sky diving, I'll take an emergency any day.

Now back to work.


Shannon said...

I am glad you're alive. Come home soon

Anonymous said...

You have the coolest adventures!!!!

Iddy bitty tornadoes, pfffttt!!!!

You can handle it.

Do you remember the time we had a hurrican here in Halifax and i told you how horrible it was and you said it could'nt have been all that bad and that you miss all the cool weather stuff living in Moncton (except Moncton snow)? Well, Payback!!!!!!!!


See 1:30 am