April 13, 2006

Last Impressions

Tomorrow is my last day of my last shift.

I have several mixed emotions. Joy, mixed with happy, mixed with pure exultation. It's really a nice feeling.

You'd think though, that tomorrow being my last day I wouldn't be dreading it's arrival (dread is due to the job, not the fact that it's my last day). The boys are on campsite because of group mixing. And since you have no idea what that means you won't care. But I will. I'll start caring at 4:30 in the morning (that's when we'll get up, if I can wake up).

Anywho. I'll be home the 19th, after spending Easter weekend with family in Tennessee. I have a job interview in Moncton on the 25th. I'll probably get the job. That is to say, I am satisfactorily over qualified...

I will attempt a meatier post tomorrow, as the hours between now and wake-up grow thin, and I need my beauty sleep.


Andrew said...

Congratulations. And what did we learn from this experience? I expect a thorough post regarding this topic.

Holly said...