April 02, 2006

It's Raining Boys

Boys are a different kind of hard than girls.

The girls were petty, conivving, dishonest, eagre to tell on other people without getting in trouble themselves, ferocious, anti-happy, self-conscious, etc. etc. The boys aren't that as much, but they do bicker with each other constantly. Someone is always trying to best someone else. They cuss at each other, fight, and could go on for hours saying, "yes sir!", "no sir" at varying volumes.

The girls gang up and fight the staff, the boys just fight. Though it helps that I'm female because many in the County CHoices program are down home country types (complete with incomprehensible accent that doesn't require you to close your mouth), and have an almost innate sense of respect. That is indeed a nice change.

Though, as previously stated, they are gross. Nothing was seen or done (and thank-you high heaven for that). but merely heard after lights out.

I did my paper work outside and left it up to someone else to deal with. That was not in my job description.

How important or unimportant is yelling when it comes to this kind of job? I don't yell. And tonight was a perfect example. Those dang boys would not shut their mouths and go to sleep. As soon as one would stop someone else would get mad and yell at another kid, who would start yelling and going on at somebody else... Well as I was about to stand up and make everyone get up, my co-counsellor proceeded to do the same. I let her go (since I had too much sun today), and she gave an effective speech at high volume. I'm not sure what I would have done, but I wouldn't ahve yelled and who knows if they would have shut-up or not.

Yelling is not one of those skills I will be pursuing... but maybe it does work?

I worked two days, off four days, on two days, off three days, work two and then I'm done. Did you catch that? I'm going on a road trip soon, I was checking hotels in Birmingham and Mobile, but I'm not sure where I'll be going, or even if I'll have the get up and go enough to do it.

I'll be up at 5 tomorrow, so I have to go rest my poor sunburned face (85 degrees today, thank-you. Forget spring, this is fricking summer).

Have a wonderful day.

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