April 07, 2006

We Are Going To Die!!!

The weather is going to be nasty today.

Severe storms... tornadoes emminent... golf-size hail... damaging winds.

Did you hear about those storms that killed 27 people in the mid-west? That's what we're getting, only the current atmospheric conditions may make it worse.

It's going to be awesome! Fortunately, I'm at work, which means I won't hear the sirens. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how we find out if there's a tornado coming, and I don't know where we're supposed to go...

The were showing a bullseye of where the worst threat would be, and I'm right in the middle of it. I'm fairly confident (for no reason at all) that we'll be fine, but we're in a narrow valley so if a tornado gets in, it's hard for it to get out and it just bounces around until it gets tired.

They're pretty sure we'll have some F4's and F 5's, which for you newby's means the really big ones.

The air is thick, the wind is picking up, and I have to go find out what the plan is. I hope they don't expect me to stay tough, cuz that ain't happenin'.

Namaste, and I'll let you know how things turn out :)

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