April 20, 2006

Nashville: One Day Only!

Hey kids.

This is my 99th post with blogger. How exciting. 5930 visitors in 98 posts. Crazy huh?

No more sickness for me, though yesterday I thought it was trying to go for a round two... It was a little risky going to Red Lobster on such a tumultuous tummy, but I had the chicken and all was not lost (literally).

Saturday I'm heading back to Memphis. Now that my stay has been extended I get to do some of the fun stuff that didn't work out before. So, Graceland it is! And a little bit of the downtown. Colour me excited.

Next Tuesday my grandmother is flying in so Brooke and I are travelling to the city early in order to take in some of the sites. I believe the County Music Hall of Fame, Opryland Hotel, and the botanical gardens are on the menu. Does anyone have any other suggestions? We are very limited on time and space, so something near the above mentionned locations and quick to peruse would be best.

Babies are great and all, but I'm glad I don't have any. They can be very juicy and squishy. The variety I've been hanging out with lately are exceptionally cute in their little spring outfits, but I can't help but feel a little queasy when the snot flies out after a forceful sneeze, or I can sense peculiar goings on down below... I'm going to blame the flu for now, but I think it's ok if I think it's gross. This afternoon we're going to go see Ice Age II.

I hope one of them doesn't pee on me.

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Emily said...

curiously enough those rumblings and other strange feelings are quite normal! It's when they get noisy that it can be embarassing:
"no really it WAS the baby" said Emily on more than one occasion