April 18, 2006

Flight Plan

"I'll be home for Christmas.... You can count on me..."

Just kidding silly! I was able to change my flight to May 2nd without much extra cost... I probably could have flown home today but I didn't really get to enjoy my last couple of days here, and this way I'll get to do fun stuff like visit Graceland and see downtown Memphis (which I didn't get to do last time, by the by). Plus my Meemaw (grandmother, in southern speak) is coming on the 25th, so we'll get to hang a bit.

This does interfere with my interview, but I think it should be no problem to reschedule... I hope...

My inside muscles are still recovering from that awesome ab workout I had the other night, but other than a little bit of residual fatigue all systems are go.

In other news, I have baby snot on my shirt. Jealous? Yes?

My luggage is 35 pounds too heavy, I think it's the yearbooks I thought I needed but never looked at.

No other news, just maxing and relaxing in the bright Tennessee sunshine/air conditioning.

Stay tuned for more contemplative, enlightening and life changing posts.


Holly said...

This just in:
Evelyn WILL make it back to Canada!

Shannon said...

Oh Holly... you're a dork!