April 01, 2006

Springing Sprung

Haha, my spring sprung faster thann yours :)

The weather today? 80 degrees, humid and sunny. My lips are burnt, and I burnt the part in my hair (which always sucks).

I only have a moment since I've already taken longer than I should have...

I'm still working. I agreed to help out at the boys program for a couple of weeks and then I'll be done. Today is my first day, and so far it's been pretty interesting. They're used to female counsellors so that's no biggie. It's me getting used to bickering boys!

Did I mention that it's hot? Well it is. And I'm about to go back to the dust bowl.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey watch it!!! Spring is Springing here too!!! it was 13 Celsius.
And the junos are here this week and every where there are outdoor concerts and rocking and rolling

so it is spring here

Don't work too hard

I love you