April 30, 2006

A Year Ago Today

Grad Picture
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Can you believe that it's been a year ago today since we graduated?

So much changes in a year, but a lot stays the same... i.e. This time last year I had no job and was moving to Halifax to live with my mother. This year I have no job and I'm moving to Halifax to live with my mother.

At least this time I have some career experience under my belt, I'm not completely broke (though I'm not as far from broke as I'd like to be), and I have a job interview. Much more than I can say for last year.

I think I've started to get over the shock of work. At first I hardly thought about it but now things are starting to creep into my mind. Unfortunately, the mistakes come first, but I hope the thigns I did right will come up soon.

We're all in different places today, but I'm so glad that for the most part we've stayed in touch and haven't completely forgotten the friendships we built (although some have moved on sooner than others, *cough* Ruth *cough*).

I'm goign to see the Benchwarmers tonight. Je suis excited.


Anonymous said...

Yes one year ago today we drove the taurus wagon home with your mattress on the top covered in plastic and duct tape because it was raining.

No concentrating on what you think you might have done wrong only concentrate on the things you know you did right.


Shannon said...

Hey Ev'y - I nearly forgot that it was our graduation anniversary - we should all get dressed in a gown of sorts - and walk up an ilse of sorts - have someone hand a paper of sorts -
just to relive the moment.

love ya - come visit as soon as you can!

Ruth said...

Hey, what you pickin on me for?! What'd I do?!
I still miss you guys like crazy! And I've stayed in touch, especially now that I have a blog!

It is hard to believe a whole year has passed since our graduation day, or more appropriately, our move out day. Such a stressful day it was, eh Ev? I remember it all so clearly that it couldn't have been a whole year.