May 02, 2006

The End

For real, for real.

Tomorrow I bid adieu to the American landscape that has served as my home for the past seven months. I'll get on a plane in Nashville, and then I'll land in Halifax.

Sounds good.

Whether or not all my stuff makes it with me is another story. I've packed and re-packed so many times I could give you an itemized list of everything I own. Unfortunately, stuff is heavy. I'm anticipating an excess baggage fee of approx $25, which is cheaper than shipping, because my big box hovers around 50 pounds. My carry-on is stuffed to the gills and very heavy, my hockey bag suitcase is stuffed to the gills and hovers around the 45 pound mark. And! Tomorrow at the coolest mall ever I'm going to look for a large canvas type bag that I can pull off as a purse.

I threw out so much stuff, and left so much behind... This is ridiculous!!! I say this now... but I did go shopping earlier today and bought some more clothes. When/if I get home I'm going to gut my clothing and get rid of the junk that I haven't worn in 2 years and the stuff that I shouldn't wear (i.e. the cardigan with the kittens on it, I mean really!).

Until I settle down more permanently, I think I'll look into renting a storage locker to keep the things I can't do without, but can live without... books, yearbooks, memento type things. You know, all the important stuff. Things I'll always want but will never need and can go a long period of time without looking at.

Anyway, I'm babbling. Time for ice cream and then bed. But not before I scold mi amigos for not being as obsessive in their updating as I am. I mean really! Who doesn't need to know every detail about your everyday lives? I sure do!

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Andrew said...

Ev, you can go north but you don't have to go the Great White North! You can stop and settle in New England with us. Massachusetts is just like Nova Scotia but with money, and Kennedys.