May 10, 2006

All This Aggravation...

...ain't satisfactioning me.

So true, Elvis. So true. And what better way to fully understand those lyrics than spend a day calling bank people and bad Esso customer service people to resolve an issue that can't be resolved (or so they say).

I rented a car on the weekend and filled it up on Sunday as directed by the dude who rents cars. The pump I use (Esso, corner of Robie and Young in Halifax) wasn't working. I try running my card through three times but for whatever reason, the pumpy no worky. I pulled ahead and used that pump sans problem.

More forward a few hours. I try to use my check card and it is denied. I sense a problem since I know that it shouldn't be denied. And this isn't a know, like I assume I have the money, I really did know it was there...

At any rate, I called to figure out the issue and apparantly, Esso put a $100 hold on my card every time I ran it through the pump. And the hold won't go away bceause I didn't pump any gas. But it's funny how the hold for the fourth time I used it when I actually bought gas actually went away. I try to call, there's "nothing they can do", I just have to wait and see if the hold goes away.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. Being a check card, purchases don't go through as soon as you make them because it works kind of like a credit card. But because of the holds Essa gave me things weren't going through because there was no available balance (because it was all held up), and I accumulated almost $100 in service fees.

Sure it's probably more information than the average bear would share, but I'm ok with that because I'm irritated.

So, has anyone else had a similar problem?? Were you even aware that when you pay at the pump they take a $100 deposit? I worked at an Esso, and I had no idea. Isn't this the kind of thing they should tell you? I smell something not so good. It seems to me that the consumer should be aware of how paying at the pump actually works.

Oh yeah, and I have no proof of this because I didn't actually buy gas, therefore no receipt. Fortunately, the bank said they'd reverse the fees once I get the holds off. And if that doesn't happen in the 3-5 day period they promise, then I'm going to have a very hairy canary.

On to bigger and better things!

Job interview on Monday at a centre in D-Town. I can't remember applying for it, so I may have to do some research.

Most common phrase heard during American Idol tonight: "Hey, I been there!"

Because I had indeed, been there... done that!

And quite frankly, I am aghast that Chris was just kicked off the show. I wasn't a big fan of the girl. Not so much on the personality points. But anyway, to prove that I was in fact there (Graceland, not American Idol) I will close with a picture so poor in quality only I could have taken it. You'll see two old ladies with head phones on. This is because the basic tour doesn't buy you a real tour guide, but a radio version. As you look through the room, at the far end you'll see the piano where the American Idols practiced for this week's show.

On second though, maybe this is only cool to me :)

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