May 09, 2006

I've Been Googled

I was recently contacted by a former school mate from Stellarton who found me via the search engine guru we all call, Google. Which got me to thinkin', who else is here?

So, if I don't know you in real life, or haven't seen you in a few years, please let me know if you're here. I am curious, and there's more motivation to be creative when you have a larger audience. And aside from the presumptiousness of assuming that people actually visit, I just want to know who's out there.

Anywho. The lack of recent posting is due to the lack of doing that I've been experiencing as of late. Well... I guess I did have a job interview the other day... and I did visit Shannon and see their new house...

Oh yeah, and my parents are going to court tomorrow to settle (I'd say finally settle, but speaking of presumptiousness, I think that would be quite), their separation agreement. It's been three years and they're still not officially divorced, I think we need some closure here. I hope a fair decision is reached, as I would like half of my parental unit to not fear eviction and the other half to not lose the farm (literally).

We shall see.

So stuff has been happening, I'm just internetally bored. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you about my recent obsession.... yes... obsessions...

Edited to Add: I most certainly did visit Brandy, and it was a highlight of my week :) It was just such a highlight that my brain could hardly contain it, and the contents of the visit spilled out of my ears causing me to forget that I was even there.


Brandy said...

you came and saw me, that counts as something....jerk
how did the cd treat ya?

it's good to know you are alive, Shannon called me 4 hours after you left here, and there was no you in sight.

Is the Stellarton person someone know? Was it me F... cause I don't count.

Q... said...

Google is a great research for finding lost school mates and colleagues.

richmanwisco said...

Checking in as directed. I've googled my blog title and remained astonished that it's the only blog with that name. I really wasn't trying to be original.

Crystal (Levy) Bueno said...

Hey Evelyn -
I'm highly amused by your blog -- you have a real talent for writing! And to think, I never would have found you online, 'cept for the friendly note you left in Marcus' journal ... which you wouldn't have found, 'cept that Great-Auntie Hazel doesn't toss out little scraps o' paper. :-)

In any case, all the best to you & your family. We'll be checking in regularly now for Elvis sightings.

Crystal, Luis & Marcus
(Brooklyn's in 'da HOUSE!)

Anonymous said...

hey chicky,

Who was it, now I'm curious, and you know what me being curious leads to....a very disgruntled Ashley