May 29, 2006

Canadian Idol and Why I Watch It

Did anyone notice that those Yellowknife kids were awfully pale?

Many of my fellow Canadians have yet to "get into" Candian Idol; several reasons are cited. Some say that it's just a cheap copy of American Idol. Completely untrue! It's a cheap copy of UK Idol (or whatever they call it), just as our friend to the south is a cheap copy. Some say it's just cheesy (ignore for a moment the awful rap they showed at the beginning, which reminds me of the milk commericial "big bad bessie with the M I L K). Please see other post with the word Meatloaf in it, and you'll know how I feel about the cheese factor. The whole thing is cheesy! This really can't even be a factor in our judgment (I hate it when people spell that word with an "e", it's just wrong people! wake up!), as the whole kit and kaboodle is processed cheddar.

Some say that the contestants just aren't as good. No comment, because I'm not a huge fan of any of the singers... They have talent and all, I just like a different flavour and likely wouldn't buy a CD.


Though you may not be proud of your country for whatever reason, don't blame the poor kids who try out. They just want to make you happy! I've been to the other side, they don't even know we're here! So if you don't like the contestants, vote for the one's you do. There may not be a Reuben, Aiken, or Clarkson, but is that who we want to be? There's a lot of them... so maybe sometimes different is good.

I watch Canadian Idol for a variety of reasons. One, we have basic cable and there's nothing else on; two, I might see someone I know and three, because the only way things are going to get better is if we, the Canadian viewing public, participate in the democracy that is reality TV.

If you don't vote, you can't complain, just like in real-life politics. Unless you're me, and they won't let you vote, cuz I'm still going to complain.

Rock the vote!

Edited to Add: Ruth pointed out another reason, that being the unlikability of the judges. It's true, I don't like them either, from either show, actually... Maybe I just don't like the show? I just figure that if I can give some of my attention to the American version, than Canada deserves the same. Although I should probably just read a book.


Ruth said...

You missed one! My reason for not liking Canadian Idol is the judges. They're poor impersonators of the American Idol judges, and I can't stand the guy who thinks he's Simon. He's got Simon's rudeness to an extreme without any of Simon's likability factor. (I'm basing this on last year's show, because I have yet to see this season).

Shannon said...

Ahh I like it cuz it's on - I'ma big fan of that reason... it's on and there isn't much to do around here.... sigh.

Eric & Leanne said...

Evelyn. I forgot how much you made me laugh!! haha!!
Your blog makes me laugh..and I'm sure it makes other people laugh too. You should be a professional blogger! Wouldn't that be cool. Although, I guess those people are called journalists and not maybe not so cool. Either way... you are a good bloggerologist.

Eric & Leanne said...
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Ruth said...

I concur! (with Leanne)

Shannon said...

Oh Leanne Blogologists - awesome!
and Ev'y you are a true Blogologist..... sigh