May 29, 2006

Fun in the Sun

My brother drinks beer from time to time. He says his boss tells him he has to (if you've been tuned in for a while, you'll note from a previous post that bro can sometimes be easily persuaded). Anyway, he drank a beer once and one a Molson t-shirt. A few weeks later he gets a call telling him that he's won something else. He tries calling back with no luck. Eventually his call is answered and it turns out he won tickets to the Memorial Cup in Moncton... for a game that happened the day before. To make up for it buddy on the phone tells him to stop by the office in Halifax and pick up some product.

Flash forward to today. We go to the Molson office to pick up the product. Keep in mind my brother is 19 years old, and grew up in an environment that didn't really involve alcohol other than my grandfather's homemade wine. So it just seems funny to me that the prize is two and a half two-fours. That would be 60 bottles of beer. The best part is when I got to walk down Brunswick St. carrying 24 of those bad boyz.

At least I thought it was funny. And who gives a 19 year-old boy 60 bottles of beer???

I haven't gotten a call about work yet. It's making me anxious! I needed to start like... four weeks ago. The fun part is the threatening letter from Student Loan (sent registered mail, I might add) informed me that I don't owe as much as I thought.

And that about wraps things up.

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Shannon said...

Hey Ev'y - I have to call the place back - they left a message - but i've been really really busy - or their phone has been busy - so... you know how it goes - but tomorrow I shoudl be able to - you see I can't call long distance from work - and i don't get home till sometimes the person I have to call is gone...