May 15, 2006


No, not my former place of employment, but the current situation regarding my future employment.

Two interviews, two jobs. Well, not "for sure", but as long as I haven't abused anyone I'll be OK (as long as beating siblings doesn't count it's all kosher).

One job is in Moncton, one is in Dartmouth. And therein lies the decision. After weighing the pros and cons it seems that the Dartmouth position is the most promising. Both are casual, as all jobs in youth care are in the Maritimes, both with the oppurtunity of advancement. The Dartmouth job sounded a bit less guaranteed when it comes to hours, and I have to go from casual, to part-time and then full-time. Though there is always the chance to work more hours if I so desire. The downside of Moncton is that many of the houses are in more rural areas, and the public transit system there isn't much to speak of, plus I'd have to find a place to live and my finances are a little tight at the moment. In Dartmouth I can stay with Ma, and public transit will get me where I need to go. And the job is unionized, so once I make it to part-time my job is pretty secure.

Plus, there's more things to do in the Halifax area, like classes I could take, pretty things to look at, activities... you know, small to medium size city stuff. And I like the library.

(You know, everytime I start a sentence with and or but I feel like I should apologize to my english major type friends. I'm sorry. Just know that if this were a real piece of writing I would avoid such errancies at all cost.)

Yeah, sounds like I'm pretty well decided, eh?

Yup... guess so.


Yemeni Cricket said...
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Yemeni Cricket said...


The reason people need to learn grammar rules - I mean really need to - is so they can break them effectively. 'If', 'and' and 'but' are all used ubiquitously as sentence starters by "real" writers to the general betterment of their style. So rock on; no apologies needed:)


Holly said...


Shannon said...

I think that Dartmouth would be a good choice - at least for a while - Cause money is what makes the world go 'round - and sooner or later the student loan people start yelling... i know they've yelled in my direction.


well I love ya - and I want more yard sales!

Carol said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. And you are "right on" with your comments.

Hope you enjoy the job you choose.