May 16, 2006

Tuesday's Tunes

We the people who bring you No Lady every other day or so, have decided to debut a new weekly segment. It is titled, as you may have guessed, "Tuesday's Tunes". Clever, I know.

This is an attempt to share my increasingly polar musical tastes with you the listening public. So, each week I will share a tune that has perked my interest, for no other reason than this is my blog (I really tried to think of another one... but that's the only one that rang true).

The chase to which I must cut, this week's choice!: Common People by William Shatner (featuring Joe Jackson).

William Shatner you say? Yes! The El Capitaine himself. Apparantly, Bill is quite the renaissance man, at least when it comes to making money, and released a spoken word album Has Been, sometime in the 20th century. A quick search found some duets with Leonard Nimoy, and though I am no trekkie by any stretch of the imagination, that may be worth a listen as well.

I recommend downloading "Common People". Much better to hear than to read. I'm sure you can find it at iTunes if you're the law abiding type.

You can view the complete lyrics here.

Just do it.

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Homie Bear said...

Common People is a great song, eh?