May 24, 2006


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Oprah went to Auschwitz today.

Visiting a prison camp on a sunny day in May is a pretty surreal experience. Especially with happy, smiley children running around.

600 people lived in this little barrack. There were no gas chambers here, but from this camp in Terezin, Czech Rep. they would force the Jewish prisoners to march hundreds of miles to places like Auschwitz. No wonder they called it a Death March...

This poem was written by a little boy who lived at the Terezin prison camp. This and a collection of other writings were used as lyrics in the Terezin Children's Cantata, that I believe was performed last year in Winnipeg.

When a new child comes
Everything seems strange to him.
What, on the ground I have to lie?
Eat black potatoes? No! Not I!
I've got to stay? It's dirty here!
The floor- why, look, it's dirt, I fear!
And I'm supposed to sleep on it?
I'll get all dirty!

Here the sound of shouting, cries,
And oh, so many flies.
Everyone knows flies carry disease.
Oooh, something bit me! Wasn't that a bedbug?
Here in Terezin, life is hell
and when I'll go home again, I can't yet tell.

--"Teddy" 1943

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