May 24, 2006

Bacharach??? Meatloaf??? Prince???

Hi, it's the 80's. Thanks for thinking of us.

Well, the moment we've all been waiting for has come and gone, and the one we all thought would win, did. Kudos. It was time for a white male to win American Idol, I feel that that demographic is way under represented in today's society. Next year I hope an Eskimo wins.

Do we still have those?

Ahem. Anyway. If I could have skipped all of the cheesy production numbers that filled those two hours, I may be a better person, but all in all it was just a special evening for each and every one of us. *hugs*

I don't know if any of you have seen a little show called Lost, but I've learned that the title holds a double-meaning. WTF??? (the f stands for fruitcake). That show is wack dude, wack. It got me bugging ol' skool, y'all. Who are these people?? Electro-magnetic what? After two years on the island they're still living under tarps. Come on people, look at what the Robinson's accomplished! Get creative!

I haven't watched much, so the plot was a little fuzzy. A Priest and an Aussie find a stick of dynamite... you fill in the punch line.

Yeah, so I got the job in Moncton, but I would prefer the job in Halifax which I haven't heard from yet. Hopefully they'll call soon...

Edited to add: That's two posts about TV. Ahhhhh!!!!! Hire me!!!!!! I need out of the crazy!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

They haven't been on the island two years, more like two months.

Evelyn said...

my bad! I apologize to all avid Lost fans for my neglectful viewing...