May 25, 2006

I got a pickle

I got a job, I got a job, I got a job hey hey hey hey!

So, the troubles of last summer where no one in Nova Scotia would hire me have miraculously disappeared as I have just heard from the place I cannot mention, that they would like me to start with them just as soon as my police checks come in and the references don't say anything bad about me.


Not sure when I'll start, hopefully next week, because I am bored, crazy and a dude named Brian in Ontario wants my money. I should find some way to enjoy these last few days, as I will be taking as many shifts as humanly possible for the rest of the summer so that I can 1) make Brian happy, 2) get a permanent position when one arises. Once you work at one demanding and stressful job, you kind of miss the "necessariness" of doing what you do, if you catch my meaning.

On another note, I would like to apologize for my rather cynical post yesterday. Please refer to the above reference to my losing of marbles.

So You Think You Can Dance premieres tonight. I heart that show. It's not that I "think" I can dance, I know it's true. The producers actually called me to tell me that I was not permitted to audition, as they would like the competition to be fair. They paid me a settlement under the table not to go, but I have a gag order not to tell you about it. It's all a part of my E! True Hollywood story coming out this summer.

Jigga what.


Emily said...

oh my word you make me laugh so much! That last paragraph brought me right back.. I felt like I was there with you.
I also "heart" So you think you can dance. I wonder if people like me love these shows so much because I desperately wish I could sing and dance.. instead I'll just watch a bunch of strangers do it!

Andrew said...

Wait a minute... you "heart that show"? Is "heart" some verb you picked up in Dixie?

Evelyn said...

nah, it's like on an "I (picture of a heart) NY".

all the cool kids are saying it.

Shannon said...

Oh Ev;y you're too funny.

first Congrats on the Job - i didn't need to give a ref. they must like the other peopel you had them call... i'm not hurt, not at all.

You know you were my first ref. i'll remember it like it was yesterday... only it was a couple of days ago.

Second; I'm such a fan of 'Dance'. I can't wait.
Love ya

Becca said...

okay - welcome to i'm sitting in my VAC cubby office-y thing totally laughing my head off, adding greatly to my cool quotient.

Reading this post totally made my day.