May 23, 2006

Spidle Sighting

Today I had to go to Futureshop to pick up a keyboard due to the forwards incompatibility of my old keyboard. It's full of sticky goo anyway, so there were no tears shed when I had to fork over the $14.97. I take my technology cheap, which leads us to our next problem.

My sister had fitted the computer with a (an, if you talk funny) high-speed modem and did away with the dial-up. We don't have high-speed, because we like our internet slow roasted. So, I took the modem from my old computer and put it in the new computer. And the conclusion! Though you may feel cool (in that geeky kind of way) by opening up the back of a computer and putting computer type things inside slots that they tell you too, chances are the thoughts you've been having that you have no idea what you're doing are very, very true.

In short, no connecty. My computer doesn't even think I did anything. I'm just going to let it soak over night, and maybe it'll work in the morning.

Still with me? Good. Because this post does include a Spidle sighting.

Ahem. In order to get to the Futureshop that carries the cheapy keyboard I had to ride the bus (a very busy, smelly bus, or maybe it was just the large man who decided to trap me in my seat) for an hour and a half. And! walking to the bus stop in front of the Halifax Shopping Centre I saw a short, hairy little man in a long, long beige trench coat who walked with a bit of a hobble (or is it a swagger?). At first glance I was fully convinced that it was indeed, Mr. Spidle, of ABU fame. As the bus moved on I was less and less convinced, but I like to think that it was a real, bona vide sighting.

Now one could surmise that at this particular juncture in time I would share a spidle story. But I'm afraid I have no awkward tale to tell, other than the notion that because his family and my family are from the same little village, the chances of us being related are very real...

If this were a perfect world where one didn't need a visa, I would be able to take some pictures and post them in record time. But, one does need a visa on this green earth (or so they tell us), and such frivolities will have to wait for me and my technology to catch up.

Night, night!

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Ruth said...

Hehe, that's great! I actually had a real, bona fide Spidle sighting earlier this year! I was driving my car and saw him "hobbling" down the sidewalk in a long black trench coat. There was no mistaking Spidle! Haven't seen him since. But I don't get out much.