June 24, 2006

Dora v. Diego

Dora the Explorer seems to have a better publicist, but Diego's "To the Rescue My Friends" song is the definite champion, in my opinion.

I worked for 12 hours today... there was one kid and she slept all day. I wish I had brought a book because there was absolutely nothing. to. do. AT ALL!!! I'm starting to wonder how people can do this job for 5+ years. Which makes me wonder what I should do next... Career ADHD much? a-thank-you.

So, this weeks riddle: what do you get when you put one good kid with three "bad" kids?

Four bad kids!

The solution: become a foster parent of teenagers. There aren't enough, it takes kahones, and there aren't enough. Oh yeah, and there aren't enough. People don't want to take care of "bad" kids, so they get grouped together in group homes and fall into things they might not have if they had something different to go to. And the bad in bad kids was quoted because we in the "biz" don't believe in bad kids. Just bad parents.

What gets me is that some people become foster parents and set up a house with a set of strict rules designed to help the kid become a good citizen in 8 weeks or your money back. So they have a curfew, no drugs or alcohol, no this or that, no bad friends, don't fail in school, don't eat sugar, etc. etc. and I'm not saying these are bad rules, but it seems like a shocker when the kid decides to break said rules. Then the foster parents kick said kid out because they are "bad", and the cycle starts again. Have rules, but don't expect perfection. Or rather, expect perfection, but appreciate that perfection can only be approached by taking wee baby steps (Mother may I? Yes you may).

Did I mention there aren't enough?


Lisa said...

I'm a former foster child and current child advocate...

The hardest population of foster children to find families for are indeed teenagers.

Also, if they aren't able to make connections with a family as teenagers, foster alumni are forced to navigate the adult world on their own:

-High risk of homelessness
-High risk of joblessness
-High risk of unwed preganancy

We definitely need more risk-takers out there who are willing to take in and guide foster teens.


Shannon said...

Hey Hey Ev'y -
I Like your blog, how it goes from Dora to Dumb parents.. very nice transition.

so besides being bored how do oyu like you're job?

I think you shoudl come to truro... I hate the rain and I need some company....


love ya!

Maerlowe said...

Yay, more people who think teenagers in foster care need families. We're working on adopting atm, with fingers and toes crossed.