June 24, 2006

Is that rain I hear?

Newsflash: It's raining again.

I'm at work, I've been here since 6:30 this morning and it is now 12:05pm, so you'd think I've done all kinds of crazy things, right?

Well, so far I've watched TV, read some blogs... and... that's about it!

This place is awesome. No getting cranky kids up at 5am and making them burn their own food over an open fire pit.

They sleep in till 11, and pretty much hang out or run away. Whatever floats the boat. I think I may even bring Harry Potter tomorrow and knock that off my list of things a-do. The one child I am responsible for is now awake, so perhaps things will pick up. Perhaps not...

And I'm getting paid for this part? Yippee!

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