June 10, 2006

Fit for the Pit

Guess what! It's raining!

This is one drenched town. I think it's even started coming out of the rocks...

Have you seen those commercials for the Pasta Chef? Really quite an accomplishment in cinematography, if you ask me... but anyway! They retail for $19.99, and can be found at any of those pretentious stores that sell such "As Seen On TV" gems as the rotating shelf.

My brother's fiance bought one last weekend and forgot it at my house, so we decided to try it out this evening.

The verdict: if you have a child who refuses to eat anything but gum than this little contraption is for you! If you haven't seen the commerical, the basic premise is you pour boiling water into the plastic tube with some noodles and let it stand for a while. Easy enough to use, but the speghetti came out in a sticky clump (even though it promised no sticking), and it tasted like paste (and not the good kind we ate as kids, you know you did it too). I'm glad I didn't buy it, and I'm not really sure how much easier it will make your life compared to the old-fashioned way of making speghetti since you spend most of the time trying to get the sauce without any noodles.

So, in the words of that classic show that is now a mere shell of it's former self, the Pasta Chef (tm) is fit for the pit.

Meanwhile back at the ranch... the ball has finally started rolling towards gainful employment. I went in on Friday to fill out a hiring packet, which is then sent on to the executive director who then passes it on to the super executive director, and then hopefully I'll get a phone call to come in and read policies, after which I can do a shadow shift. Complicated much?


richmanwisco said...

sorry about your friend's bad choice...but what they don't tell you is that in order to cook spaghetti, the water has to be boiling for a reason. it's the boiling that provide the circulation in the pot that carries away all of the starches that cook out of the spaghetti. that's also why the more water you have, the better, so that those starches fully dissolve out. no circulation, no place to go when those starches dissolve out and you got sticky spaghetti.

we have a neat channel on cable here, food network...our favorite show is called good eats, with alton brown. he gets into the science of cooking quite well. everything i know about cooking i learned from him.

Shannon said...

Hey Ev'y - How's it going? Oh wait I just read how it goes. I hope you get some shifts - I did the ref. and I think it went well..
I miss you, if I pass my Drivers test tomorrow i'll come visit you!