June 12, 2006

The Waiting Is Over

Oh my... oh dear... yes, ummmm.... can I take that back? errr.... should I? uhhh, yeah.... I guess? ohhh, um, ok?

On that note, I start work tomorrow from 11-11. I'll be reading policies for twelve hours during which I can take breaks to get to know the place. Maybe it's because I still have post-traumatic stress disorder from my last job (which is why any mention of it has mysteriously gone missing from my blogging), but I'm a little.... not nervous, or worried, I guess the word is hesitant?

Mind you, I am totally thrilled to have a job, and to have a job in the field that I enjoy, and one where I get paid a fair salary and I get to go home everyday. And perhaps most exciting of all, I have a reason to get out of the house other than going to the library.

Speaking of which, my mother lost her library card and I have several things there ready for me to pick up, including the next two books of the Harry Potter series. Call me impressed!

I digress... Holly is coming over this evening, which will be wonderfully fun. I haven't seen real people in so long, I think I may have gone through withdrawl.

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Anonymous said...

hummmm hummmm
I did not loose the card, I put it in Veronica's car for safe keeping so I wouldn't lose it. so there

and i take offense at the reference to Holly being the first "real" person you've visited with. sheesh.

Take you dishes to the kitchen!!!