July 18, 2006

Brr, It's Cold in Here

Is Nova Scotia just anti-air conditioning? Come the frick on!

Me: Boy, I sure wish we had air conditioning in this place... It's like a frickin' easy bake! (hey the guy on the news just used that same sentence, as I typed it).

Them: Gee, what a luxury. That's certainly something we could never afford, only rich people in golden castles can afford air conditioning.

Me: Guffaw......

And to the lady with emphesema in Toronto complaining about the air quality: 1) Why are you cleaning your windows on the hottest day of the year? 2) Why do you live in a dirty, dirty city when crisp country air is just down the highway, and 3) Why didn't you just quit smoking when you knew it was bad for you?

I just worked all night, so mayhaps I'm not thinking clearly.

The lions have something with this nocturnal thing. You just have to work at night to beat the heat! Instead of daylight savings time we should just have a week off in the spring and fall to adjust our sleeping habits and become nocturnal for the summer months. I hadn't even noticed it was warm because I'm not awake when the sun's out! We'll just get those light therapy chambers so we don't get all depressed and what not.

Maybe we should hibernate in the winter too... Indoor heating makes my skin so darn dry! And my feet get cold in the snow (I know what you're thinking, if you're feet get so cold in the snow, why don't you just wear socks and boots. Well, once I steal/borrow/mostly steal the neighbour's LL Bean winter catalogue I just might buy myself a pair of boots that won't make me cry).

There is a girl at work who is epileptic and has loud, screaming seizures 7-8 times a day. They say they happen mostly when she's waking up or going to sleep, and then throughout the day. I've never seen a person have a seizure in real life before but thanks to that super PSA they used to show, I'll know exactly what to do.

"Drugs, drugs, drugs, which are good? Which are bad? Drugs, drugs, drugs! Ask your mom or ask your dad!"

Ok, that's not the one, but the jingle is quite catchy... as was "Don't ya put it in your mouth, (echo), Don't ya stuff it in your face! (echo)... If you don't know just what it is! Don't (harmony) put it in your mouth (and crescendo)."

Ummmmm, uhhhhh, errrrrrr, g'night


Rebecca said...

Wow - I was actually singing this song (if you don't know just what it is.... don't put it in your mouth!) with my sister yesterday, which is the randomest thing.

I wish I could give you some of my air conditioning - it is FREEZING in my building, I always wear a sweater... brrrrr.

Shannon said...

I like it when you don't sleep much - you sound like the voices in my head.. all cray and weird.

love ya Ev'y

today I become and Adult... Driver's test.. woot

Ashley C said...

...and don't forget, with seizures, you are NOT supposed to stick M&M's containers in the persons mouth....

That's all I can remember from that commercial...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Shannon, you are definitely all grown up now