July 13, 2006

News You Can Use

I feel (quite stongly) that I must see this movie. I believe that part of it was filmed in or near Huntsville, Alabama (hey, I lived there!). I remember hearing something about it on the Rick and Bubba show a few months back. I can already tell from the trailor's that it is painfully accurate. It would be even more accurate if his race car had a bumper sticker that said, "Who Would Jesus Bomb", or "Offended by my flag? Call 1-800-Leave-USA". You can pick them up for $4.95 over here.

I slept until six again today... I didn't mean to, but I didn't set my alarm right. Now it's 9pm and it feels like morning. It's a little bizarre to be going home from work when everyone else is getting ready to go. Except when it's pouring rain and you're dressed for yesterday's weather (which was nice and warm). Now it's cold and rainy...

I don't think the night shift agrees with my mental processes. Hopefully it'll just take some getting used to. I work Saturday through Monday, day shifts, which will be nice for a change.

That is all.

PS: My birthday is in three days.


Holly said...

Yeah that movie looks really funny. I forget that guys name but he's freakin hilarious. Oh yeah Will Ferrel. Hey have you been watching Big Brother? Cuz I haven't seen any posts about it... So i'm guessing no. But you should! Kay bye.

Eric & Leanne said...

I know that I need to see that movie, it has to be good! . Will Farrell is one of my favorite actors. I think everything he does is gold!

niccib said...

I know exactly how you feel, I work a lot of night shifts, infact today was my first day shift in a about 4 weeks (it was odd) sometimes I wake up and it just feels bizarre, and there is no other word for it....cue the theme song "How Bizarre" by OMC

lipstickface said...

okay I saw the preview for this movie a few weeks ago.

EVERY time they said the main character's name: Ricky Bobby - I laughed. First it was a silent giggle. Then by the 29th time they said "Ricky Bobby" in the 60 second preview I was full on gawfawing. Ricky Bobby- omg it makes me laugh just typing it.

The movie could suck and i wouldnt care, Im going to see it just to hear them say that name...RICKYBOBBYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA