July 11, 2006

Smooth, Real Smooth

Next time let's try not headbutting our oppenents? K? I bet the Italian said something along the lines of, "your mom", or "your mom wears umbro cleats", or "your mom's a red card", or "your mom's a hairy french lady", any of which may or may not be true.

Did you know that more comments are made when there are pictures in the post? And since for me, comments tend to have the same effect as a euphoric drug, I'm going to have to make use of that google image search... But I had to wait until today for "zidane headbutt" to come up with results, I guess the internet just isn't as fast I thought it should be.

I was called in to work last night. It was kinda tough since I hadn't planned on being up all night and didn't really get much sleep the day before. I slept until 6pm today, which I also hadn't planned on, but it's all good since I'm working overnight wednesday as well. I was hoping for at least 80 hours this pay period, which I'm scheduled to do now, so if I get any more I'll be all set.

This is Tidal Impact week, and I'm very sad to not be a part of it. I could have gone to all the rallies this week but I haven't been able to so far because of work. The big rally is Friday night at the sportsplex, which will work out since I won't be working even if they call... The big difference between this job and the last is now I don't have to go in if I don't feel like it, where before I had no choice...

I need a life. All I do is work and sleep, and I really need to get out more. Bit now I'm sleepy, so we'll think about that later.

Sorry, I have nothing entertaining to say... I may have, but I think I slept away all the funny this afternoon. I bet you feel bad for me, heck you might even feel this bad...

PS My birthday is in 4 days. You are forewarned.


Anonymous said...

Well, Evelyn, get alife
Call all those that can make you alife and tell them you are back in canada and gamefully employed, Sheesh for all you know there is a short term mission project just waiting for you to sign up!!! I hear the french soccer fans need a little consoling

You needs to go on a trip, put your faith in action and get a moving!!!


Shannon said...

Hey Ev'y... wanna do a road trip??
cause I like you...