July 02, 2006

Third Time's the Charm

Two other posts have tried and failed to get to my blog.

My mother pulled the plug on the first one as she "tripped" on the cord. The other never reached viable maturity, try as I might.

Happy Canada Day, and enter witty joke.Trust me, it was a real banger and mash that'n. Something about red and white day and farmers tans.

I've worked 72 hours since last Sunday. They needed me to fill a shift today, so I did, and I got overtime for it, which is fantastic. Here are two days off on my calendar, and I plan to spend them wisely. Mostly asleep. Though I'd like to swing over to Michael's and check out some crafty things that would make other people happy.

Today was pretty slow at work. The kids were out alllllllll night and slept when they got back. I read 200 pages of a book I didn't like and tried not to fall asleep. I have finished the 4th Harry Potter installment, and when I am rejuvenated I'll have to share my thoughts on that one.

I'm quite tired at the moment I'm afraid. Nothing to say. When I went to get to blogger I typed in, "www.update my blog.com". I guess fatigue makes me much more literal.

I missed the fireworks last night. But I won't tell you why because it's the fault of someone I live with (and I'd like to keep it that way a little longer), and I don't mean the cat. I also missed the Joel Plaskett concert tonight (the guy with the Zeller's commercial, "hey good lookin' why the frown, you look much better when it's upside down" you know... that one?). It'd woulda been cool, but so was sleeping on the couch.

Mmm, yup. That's all. I just like to check in once and a while and let you know I'm still alive. Common curtesy you know (though maybe it's not as common as I'd like *cough* *point fingers* *tear shed*).

Goodnight and good luck.

PS My birthday is in 13 days, so you still have time to ship things. :) You're magnificent :)


Shannon said...

I like you

Holly said...

Yep, me too.