August 14, 2006

And We're Back

So much to say, so little time!

Alright, first of all I would just like to send kudos to the 21st century for giving us high speed internet. Buddy came over and hooked me up today, and having never had regular access to such a luxury in my life, this has been an exciting day. The Internets moves so fast! I hardly have time to think!

Secondly, because of my new interconnectivity sans phone line interuption, I can now share photos of my new apartment. Or more notably, the view...

So far, there's only been one problem I've had with the place:

Yeah... that's pretty close. Luckily it doesn't come by very often, and the windows don't shake. But it's still pretty loud. I've always lived close to the train, but this is probably the closest. I remember a special they showed us in elementary school where a girl dies because she was playing near the track and the little boy who was with her had very psychedelic nightmares... It was scary, and I have never walked on the railroad tracks since.

And then there was this past weekend... and it was so super special I'm going to give it it's very own post, because my butt is asleep and my supper is burning in the oven.


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