August 01, 2006

It's beeeeeeautiful!

So, this being August 1st I walked over to the leasing office and picked up the keys to my brand new car!

I mean apartment, but Bob Barker never said that, so it doesn't sound as good.

Anywho, I have been shocked and delighted at how easy this whole process was. I just basically showed up and they gave me a place... sure, I paid the rent and all, but I expected a burning hoop at the very least. After that brief encounter I walked down to my building, tried to get into the wrong apartment, then went a little further and found mine.

It's beeeeeeeautiful! Well... the cupboards, floors, and all the wood trim could use some refinishing, the bathroom has no storage, and the pink and black tile of the bathroom I had seen has been changed to a more respectable gray... but other than that I'm super hyped about living there. It's a good neighborhood (though it felt really quiet and retirementy, not that I'm a party animal, but a little excitement would be nice), and I'm far enough from shopping that I won't be wasting money every day.

And did I mention the view??? Holy schnitzel! I watched the booze cruise, the Harbour Hopper, the ferry, the Amistad, and Theodore Tugboat sail past my window. If I didn't throw like a girl, I'd be able to throw something and hit one of those ships. But alas, I do throw like a girl, and a sissy one, at that. I can hear the ocean waves lapping at the shore (and I can't even smell the sewage!). The only little, small, potential problem would be if a hurricane decided to land on Halifax again and there's a bit of a storm surge. I'm just hoping that my mattress will float.

At the very least I've been able to decide where my bed should go... I kind of fell asleep (I was tired! I had to be up early to get to work!) on the floor and woke up when the ferry blew it's horn. I had thought that some of the ocean spray had gotten in through the window, but it was really just a lot of drool.

So now all I need is an iPod and my life will be complete!


Shannon said...

Oh Ev'y you get your first Solo Apartment... and I get to drive Solo - - - - - - all in the same day!!!

it's like we were meant to be friends!

Shannon said...

PS - When do you work this week? and next I might be able to head to the city...

let me know!!

Becca said...

Congrats on the new place!

Holly said...

LOL you crack me up Evelyn. Congrats again, I still can't believe you fell asleep on the floor. Hehehe.

richmanwisco said...

very best wishes in your new humble abode.

Lobbelou said...

Where is your apartment? I am so confused and you haven't shared all of this with me and I am angry. grrr... :-)