August 25, 2006

Thanks, that was fun

As you may or may not have noticed, my blog spent most of this past week shrouded behind the super technology of Google and Blogger, and they wouldn't let me get to it.

I was foolish enough to assume that the little button that said I could move over to the new stuff would actually let me move over to the new stuff. But I was wrong, and had to wait for someone to let me out of the black hole.

And now I can tell you about my day! Yay!

I've had so much to say, and now it's all gone. Hear are the tidbits.

- I met a pirate on the bus. He had a greasy mullet, a cartoon parrot on his t-shirt, and he even said "aye". That's pirate enough for me.

- I sold my guitar. Yes friends, that means no more renditions of "Leaving on a jet plane", or the one chord of "Blackbird" that I could do. A father bought the thing for his son. And just after he handed over the $50 less than what I was asking, he proceeded to verbally bash my guitar, tell me how bad it sounds compared to his two other guitars, and that his 11 year old son just needed something that they wouldn't care if it got damaged. I wanted to physically bash the guitar on his head, but I restrained myself...

- I bought groceries, they were too heavy for me to carry the 1/2 mile back to my apartment, and since it was dark, and lot's of other people in my building do it, I took a shopping cart and walked it back. As I'm dragging my heels in an attempt not to lose everything down a fairly steep hill, I'm stopped by two mormons. They're talking to me, want to know my address and blood type, and all I'm doing is trying to keep my groceries from careening towards the BMW at the foot of the hill. I think they may have sold me a magazine subscription too, I don't know, it was getting hot.

- I bought blinds today. Holly tried to hang them, and we miscalculated on the size so they needed to be rehung (two smaller blinds on a very large window). With the help of the cat I managed to hang them crooked again. Next week I'm getting curtains...

- I saw a music video for a song from Idlewild. I think I need to see that movie.

- I work tomorrow after three days with no calls. So with all this time off why don't I feel more rested?

Speaking of work, I need to go to sleep...


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hey, hang on to that cart, and if anything breaks on it, bubbles can fix it for ya.