August 22, 2006

I'm bringin' Sexy Back

What? You didn't know?

Ahhh, Justin Timberlake. I don't know why I like the tunes, but I do. Just can't help it.

So I haven't been updating lately, which is a little unfortunate since I just got high speed internet. But I've discovered that my computer must have caught a cold from it's previous internet use, and it's been a rather frustrating journey. I try the spyware eliminator junk but it doesn't work.

Speaking of not working, my camera died... I did some looking and I guess that's pretty common with my model (fuji finepix 3800). After two years the internal memory battery dies, rendering it useless. I don't have the fundage to buy another one, especially since I'd like the next one to be a bit fancier and take better photos. We shall see.

The wedding I recently attended and didn't update on was fun, beautiful, and lovely all at once. A little depressing since I went camping for four days with three couples, but that's fine with me. Only at ye olde Atlantic Baptist University does anyone at the age of 23 have the notion that they are old and should be married already. It's rather ridiculous.

As for the camping portion, it was wunderbar. I really liked the campground, though if I get there again I'd like to explore a little more (not that shopping at Walmart isn't fun, but you can do that anywhere). We went tubing as well, and I was only left behind for about half of the run.

We were rained out after an hour, but it was only during the hurricane force winds and arctic breeze that we learned we had made a good decision to get out. We were worried about our campsite, but after driving 10 minutes down the road we discoevered it hadn't even rained there.

We had a campfire Saturday night after the wedding, and it was great to see old friends. It had been a year since most of us had seen each other, but it didn't matter... and even though people had been to all corners of the world, we still talked about the same things: who's getting married, who's having babies, Chartwell's, and any other scrap of ABU gossip we could scrounge up.

Anyway, lovely wedding. There were kilts, and the tying of knots (literally), highland dancing, and a celiedgh (or however you spell it). A good time was had by all!

Ruth and Jordan Ingraham

August 12th, 2006

Miramichi, New Brunswick


Anonymous said...

Wedding looks nice

so are you going to have a wedding next summer like Shannon asked?


Ashley C said...

tubing hey? Good to hear you didn't get carried off out to sea as discussed before!

My is is getting Married Next summer.....totally not fair, isn't it our turn yet??