September 07, 2006

Don't Say I Didn't Warn You

It looks like it's heading more towards Newfoundland than us, but it only has to move like a millimeter and it's right in my front yard.

If you are not familiar with Canadian geography, my current location is just about straight up from the last red dot. This won't happen until sometime next week, but I'm a bit of an impending doom junkie... and I have a little bit of that, "Nothing that bad ever happens here! This is the maritimes! We do moderate very well!", euphoria.

I love emergencies. Which is difficult to explain because i don't want people to think that I look forward to times when other people's lives (or my own) are in danger... but I love emergencies. When I had to evacuate my cabin in Alabama because of severe weather, I was practically giddy with adrenaline. Some people jump out of planes or swim with sharks. I plan out logistics, and dream of a career in emergency management...

So, in 2003 Hurriance Juan hit Halifax. And this year, Hurriance John hit Mexico. Funny, yes?

**Post-script to yesterday. You're right. I hadn't really considered living expenses into the equation. Though it still concerns me that such an enormous number of people are moving out west. It makes you wonder if you're missing something, savvy?

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Anonymous said...

Juan...John...quite funny in perhaps an ironic way.