September 09, 2006

Run for the Hills!

At approximately 10:13 am this very morning, I was awoken by the sound of several fighter jets flying over my side of the harbour.

I awoke with a clatter, kicked the cat and watched the nine jets fly around the harbour in a neat and tidy formation. Had I remembered that the air show was happening this weekend, I could have been saved from the fear and anxiety caused by the sight of fighter jets in the morning.

But fortunately reality dawned on me before I built my makeshift shelter in the bathtub.

There were sonic booms throughout the afternoon and it continued until fairly late in the evening. The planes I saw, I believe, belong to the snowbird crew, but I also saw a few larger solo planes and a couple of fancy, dancy helicopters. The airport is actually kind of far from the city, but I guess kinda far in a car (30 minutes) isn't so far in a smart little jet.

Anyway, it's 2 am and I don't feel very good. I have this weird sinus pressure thing that I forget about until I bend over to pick something up, and I don't eat enough vegetables. I also have no money, so I'm gunna hope that my stock of vitamins will get me through to next payday. I don't want scurvy.

Next on my list of things to complain about: I killed my computer. It ws all very innocent. I was just deleting files and removing programs that aren't used (or so they say), all in the hopes of removing some of that annoying spyware crap. I'd reformat but I don't have any of the software CD's since I bought the thing second hand. When I start it, it does what it's supposed to, until the part where your desktop items pop up. That it doesn't do, in fact, it does absolutely nothing.

And I don't work again until sometime next week, so you may not hear from me for a while. Which is a shame, because the Mormons called me again (I knew I shouldn't have answered the phone), and they still want to come visit. In fact! They live in the next apartment complex over! Great! Wonderful! Awesome! I told them I won't know my schedule until next week (which is a lie) and that they should call Monday to see when it's a good time. At least now I'll know when not to answer the phone.


So this is probably goodbye for a while. At least until next week sometime. So be good and mind your manners.


richmanwisco said...

I'm not sure what exactly was causing the loud "booms", but it wasn't the Snowbirds. The planes they fly are training jets not capable of exceeding the speed of sound. Still, they're very entertaining and worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

I love the Air Show

It;'s great!

So how are you?


Evelyn said...

There were some other jet like planes flying around too. Including one with a guy strapped to the wings.

I believe I heard there was a stealth bomber in town as well, but I've yet to see it :)