September 04, 2006

Of Mice and Mormons

As you may recall I recently had a run-in with a couple of tidy looking Mormon missionary types. One talked to me while the other one stood there looking awkward (hey, I would too if I had to dress like that). He managed to get me to agree to a meeting Friday night, but I was called in to work and I missed it.

Anyway, yesterday as I was heading to John's Video and Variety which is owned and operated by Ahmad and his son Muhommad (interesting only in that they decided to name the store after John... must be a long lost relative)... I saw my Mormon amigos entering the front door as I was locking mine. I dove back inside hoping to high heaven that they weren't looking for me and debated whether or not my diet pepsi was worth venturing back out.

It was, but they were gone.

And then! Someone rang my buzzer tonight at 9:56 pm, but since anyone I know feels the need to buzz relentlessly until my cat climbs the curtains and this was just one single and polite little ring, I figured it must be the Mormons back for another go-round . So I didn't answer the door, and I didn't answer my phone when it rang 15 minutes later (sorry sister).

Mormons and collections agencies... why do I even have a phone??

In other news, I was called in for a shift last night, and for reasons only the loacl news can divulge we didn't have any residents, so it was a rather long night. However, the bright spot was when a co-worker brought out her digital SLR and let me "play" with it... I've never held one before, and I'm quite smitten to say the least. If I had a first born, I'd seriously consider trading it in for one of those cameras. Even the pictures of office supplies were fantastic!

Someday young grasshopper, someday I will have an Olympus digital SLR, and an ipod, and a piano, and a laptop, and heck! maybe even an ottoman!

And then there's my cat. My fat cat who stays home getting fatter and destroying my shower curtains. He just lies on his back on the floor and luxuriates in his increasing girth. I think I may need to invest in a kitty treadmill... But he's just so darn cute!


richmanwisco said...

hey, i can lend you my first born...and i might let you keep him.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you're a first born! How would you feel if i had traded you in for a Olympus digital SLR???


Emily said...

You should write a book, you're so entertaining! It seems like I know a lot of evangelicals who have had amusing experiences hiding from Mormons/JW's at their doors! Once, my mom dropped to her knees, crawled to the door and locked it and hid until they went away. The funny thing is that there are big windows in the doors so they probably saw the whole thing.