November 17, 2006

The Beat of Halifax

So, there's a new kid on the radidio block. It started sometime in September? Maybe? Along with another Classic Rock station, (go to Hal! is one of their clever slogans). Because if there's anything else the backwoods folk around here need, it's more Lynard Skynard.

Anyway, Z103.5 is singlehandedly destroying Canadian culture. Look carefully... z... If you just said "Zee", then you're from away. If you just said "Zed", then you're from roun' here. I know it doesn't rhyme with the other letters. I don't care. "Zed" is what we say when we're from Canada way. The station goes by "zee" 103.5. Granted, "Zed"103.5 doesn't have the same ring. Although there are plenty of other "ee" letters that it can use.

Plus they play Fergie way too much. Though I have been long in search of a fun way to spell "Delicious", with lot's of "to the's". So, thank-you, Will.I.Am.

Work has been uber-crazy as of late. Lot's of almost assaults, death threats, property damage. Unfortunately I haven't been on for most of the fun, so I just get to read about it later. I like the crazy though, makes things more interesting. I enjoy the problem-solving aspect of a crisis centre... I've worked a few shifts at long-term homes, and it was really boring. I don't know what to do with kids who do what they're told.

I remember a time when I used to do leadership training with 16 year-olds. Now I try to talk them out of beating each other up (with little measure of success).

But what am I complaining about? It's payday and I've finally dealt with the student loan people, something I've been avoiding for a super long time. It's nice to be a tax-paying, on time bill paying, responsible member of society for a change.

I'll leave you with these motivational words of wisdom:

"You know I got it, if you want to come get it, stand next to this money like hey, hey, hey.
Shake your money maker like somebody 'bought to pay ya, don't worry 'bout them haters, dum di do bi do bi do do." - St. Ludacris


Shannon said...

Deep and Meaningful

Anonymous said...

if you dont want to listen to the music dont, but dont bash the people that make the music. when you make even a millionth of what they make, then maybe you can talk, until then dont bother.