December 19, 2006

Is All This Turkey Really Necessary?

I kid. Of course it is! And although I missed the Christmas dinner here at work today, I know there's some turkey and mashed apatoes sitting down there in that fridge, just waiting for some company.

But it is also 2:30am, and I am expected to stay awake until 7:00am... so maybe the turkey would be a bad idea. There's Egg Nog though, and that's never a bad idea.

FYI - for those who may be confused. The second link in that last post is to a YouTube video of "Muppets Family Christmas" which is indeed not "Muppets Christmas Carol". Muppets Family Christmas ran in to some copyright issues and hasn't been played on air for some time. But the DVD was released in 2001, minus some scenes with unattainable copyrights... It's available over at Go on now. Click the link, and please describe here your reactions to that price...

You know, I've never seen It's a Wonderful Life. This may be the year...

So, haven't done the ol' Christmas shopping bit yet. I was a little concerned that it wouldn't happen as I was called in today for a shift, but turns out I'm off from Tuesday-Saturday, so there's plenty o' time.

It's starting to look like there won't be any residents here for Christmas. Just as long as we don't get an intake in the next 5-6 days we should be golden. The main reason I'm hoping for no kids isn't because I'll get Christmas Eve off (because I won't), it's that Christmas Eve with kids who aren't where they're supposed to be may be a little depressing. So we shall see.

Anyway, I'm working tomorrow night as well so expect another well-rounded, fully edited, succinct and coherent midnight post from yours truly.


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Shannon said...

I Love your posts.. thehya re every so wonderful to read.

so when are you coming up to visit?