December 16, 2006

Merry Holiday!

Maybe it's because I was in a red state last Christmas and I didn't notice... but I really miss hearing "Merry Christmas" on the tube... And did you notice that there are no classic Christmas commercials this year?? The one's you look forward to seeing, and let us know what time of year it is?

Here's my personal fav:

Ho Ho Ho

And that Christmas special they don't play anymore? Here's part one, just do a search for the other parts (4 in all).

I can't believe it's only a week till Christmas! Is summer really over? I don't have a tree up, because I know they'll just be on sale after Christmas for a gazillion percent off, so I'll pick one up then. Plus I have no ornaments... or figurines... or garland... or anything really. Just one set of LED's that my cats like to chew on.

The hairdresser asked me if I was ready for Christmas. What do I have to get ready for? I guess I need to buy some presents, but I like the insanity of a Halifax mall this close to Christmas, so I'll get that done later this week. That's about it! No cooking, no decorating, and the merry making is all but done! Nice und relaxing.

Gots to run... Duty calls


Shannon said...

They just showed that very special Christmas Carol The other night on CBC... yeesh jsut watch for it - I'm sure some america channel. ABC, NBS etc will have it on.

So I won't be passing through anytime soone - i will be but it will be late at night.. i'm still trying to get David to take me to the city.. sigh the city... I miss it!

Anyways have a happy and Merry Christmas - i'll send you our lovely Christmas letter!! woot.

My Escape said...

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas!! Hope you have a great Holiday!!!:):) Maybe we'll hook up over the Holidays:)

Emily said...

I'm so excited for Christmas this year! I know Miriam probably won't care all that much but I've been having a blast plannign for her first Christmas!

holly said...

Last year we bought the latest Muppet Christmas movie and it was really crude! I was totally disgusted with it.

Anywho I hope you have a super Christmas, send me your number so I can call you when we get to Halifax.


Ruth said...

We watched Muppets Christmas Carol the other night! I had never seen it until I met Jordan. I love it now! I have yet to see Muppets Family Christmas.