January 18, 2007

*Enter Thousand Words Cliche Here*

I snuck my memory card to work and therefore, you get to look at pretty pictures of kittens and harbour views. Aren't you lucky.

Today was very cold. Like -30 degrees celcius cold. But it sure made a pretty harbour...

This is Steve.

This is Hank.

This is Steve and Hank.

Hank is getting very ambitious in his "playing" as of late. Almost as if he has a goal. The goal makes me nervous, because Steve is a girl... But that'll hopefully all be taken care of by sometime next week. Sorry Hank.

I'm getting my hair done did tomorrow. I'm not good at picturing things without seeing an approximation, so the image I have in my head of what things will turn out like is kind of scary. The "wildest" I've ever gone hair wise was asking for a Jennifer Aniston-esque hair do when I was in middle school. My hairdresser was on meds that made her shaky, so you can imagine the result...

Weeeellllll, maybe wilder than that would be getting a hair cut in Albania. The hairdresser didn't speak English so I had to try and explain what I wanted using awkward hand gestures and pointing at models in a Communist-era Russian magazine. That was a good time.

Anyway, before and after pics are sure to follow. Never you mind if the after shot is me wearing a paper bag...

If you would like to look at more pretty pictures, then join me and my friends over at Facebook. All the cool kids are doing it (and I'm friends with them).

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Anonymous said...

I have you harbour picture on my desktop
Very nice.