January 19, 2007

I Tried.

Three times I've to say happy birthday to my sister three times. And each time it makes it go away.
So four days late... Happy Birthday Sista. Now you're almost as old as I am.

And don't yell at me about the picture it's the only one I have...

In other news: I didn't get my hair dyed cuz the girl was out sick. I'm going next Friday... Secondly, last night I made the best friggin' chili and yummy biscuits for a company potluck tonight. But then this morning in my stupur, I decided to put the pot on the stove to warm it up and leave it there for 12 hours while I'm at work. Oh, the folly of fatigue. I'm going to sneak out for a few minutes this afternoon to check on it, I keep seeing commercials about houses burning down, and it doesn't make me feel good.

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