March 19, 2007

Does that make me crayzay?

It's 5:40am on a Monday morning. Do you know where you're children are?

Most of the world is getting for work right about now, but I'm waiting for the blessed hour of 7:00am when I get to go home, feed the kittens and go to sleep. Why couldn't all-nighters have been this easy back when I had papers to write?

There's a funny article on our bulletin board here at work: Youth Criminal Act working, experts claim.

Oh those guys. They sure can tickle the funny bone! I guess it would be trite of me to say it's not working at all. I'm sure that for some teenager out there it is working. They've reformed. They won't recommit, and they got the treatment they needed.

I just haven't met said youth.

The experts say that the YCJA is working because less youth are going through the court system. There's also less crime in the Netherlands, but I believe that's because many things illegal here are legal there.

I don't know what the problem is. I'm an idealistic newbie who hasn't been around that long. But this system is doing these kids no favours. Why should they listen to authority figures when authority figures aren't doing anything to help them? Why should the boy exposed to sadistic abuse who remains untreated shower when he's told, eat when he's told, and colour pictures when he's told? El system has shown them no favours, so why do we expect them to fall in line? There are few consequences (other than the long term, disease/moral type) for actions these days...

There's lots negative to say. There always is. But I have seen some kids get their acts together, heaven knows how they did it since there isn't much help out there for them.

Maybe I'm tired. I shouldn't blog about real things when I'm sleepy because I start sounding bitter...

I have some movie networks now with my digital cable, and I loves it. I like choosing a movie I know nothing about and discovering that it's great. For example, the other day I watched "Everything is Illuminated" with Elijah Wood and it was excellent, even though I hadn't heard of it. I also recently watched "The Departed" and loved it as well. It's not a happy movie, but it was so mindintriguing. Very Shakesperean tragedy as well. I won't recommend it, because about 50% of the people I've talked to hated it. I'm not sure why, but I bet they're the people who loved Ladder 49 (a very bad movie).

My workplace has an auction every year to raise money for programming. This year the host is none other than Mr. Lahey from the Trailor Park Boys. I'm not sure why that's surprised me... I guess I don't associate anything well-known with where I work. Heck, you don't even know where I work.

Speaking of work. Some issues have come up affecting me, and have caused me to become a little less trusting and a little bit bitter. I still love my job (I can even call it a career), it's just some things about "working" in general that get my grits. And there's nothing to fight, I just have to move on and try, try again. Frustrating...

I've finished my very first scrapbook and it is B E A utiful. And it's all about you! I like pretty paper and stickers. Cutting things is fun too. I've got all kinds of cool stuff for the next book, and there are still so many dollar stores to visit!

Scrapbooking is like meditation. The whole time you're measuring paper and picking out stickers, and thinking about the people in the photos and the memories you've made. I could shed a melodramatic tear right now!

Anyway, I've had nothing significant to say and I still don't, which means I should hit the button already. And that means that you should leave a comment now because that will make me less bitter :)

Have a wonderful week.


Emily said...

I also watched an old Elijah Wood movie this weekend.... 'The Good Son' with Macauly Caulkin. It disturbed me. Nothing like creepy, death-obsessed Macauly Caulkin to give you nightmares..
Isn't scrapbooking addictive??? I went through a phase a few months back where every spare moment was spent cutting paper, choosing stickers and after what seemed like hours, composing a page.

Holly said...

I do so know where you work!

Yeah, the Good Son WAS VERY creepy!

I just watched Eragon. It was ok.

Okay, I left a comment so you can be less bitter now. :D

Anonymous said...

You're making a difference.
I once asked a social worker who worked with the very same segment of the population that you work with if she had figured out which ones would get past their situation, work through and come out the other side successful.

She said she didn't know. She thought it must be something inside them but nothing she could articulate.

Sometimes it is only one person showing interest in the person behind the behavior so then the youth can perhaps see there is a person behind the behavior. And that person isn't half bad.

You get a crazed look in your eyes when you are in the scrapbooking aisle at the store. scary!!!!