April 15, 2007

Easter in Margaretsville

Aw, they made a heart

Grampie in Repose

Chipped Cliffs

It was soooo cold. They're actually frozen this way...


This is a rock. That is another rock.

Gone with the Wind.

Shadow of Margaretville Lighthouse

Waves and Giggles.

Grammie and Grampie tossing the speghetti.


Carol said...

Great pictures!

Those rocks COULDN'T be as ancient as the ones Ruth found in Asia, COULD they? *grin*

Shannon said...

I Loves your family!

Ruth said...

Nice pictures Evelyn! You're really good at it.

Holly said...

FC you take really good pictures. We should've hired you for the wedding! Well i'll know who to hire for the next time we get married.