April 12, 2007

My eyes are wellin'

Bah!!! I hate forgetting things... I realize this morning at 4:22am that it is now April 12th. That means yesterday was April 11th and it was the day I was supposed to come in for my interview feedback from an interview I had at work last month.

I forgot!!! Silly me, not realizing that April is half over, even though we just had snow. Ah! Where is time going??? I can't keep up... I thought it was still the fifth or something, even though I knew it wasn't... Hopefully this supervisor isn't doing the next round of interviews. Or even more likely, I hope that she forgets who I am.

I booked off some time so I could go to church, but discovered tonight that I didn't get it off. But since I'm getting better at overnights I think I can just stay up afterwards and go, as long as I'm not working the next night. In my current situation I pretty much have to take everything they give me, but that'll hopefully change soon.

I went to the valley for Easter which was just dandy. I was there Thursday-Monday which is exactly one and a half days longer than I should have. Some family members turn into whiny 14 year-olds after a few days, and since I get enough of that in other arena's of my life I'd rather not experience it on hoppy bunny days. Where is the grow-up gene when you need it?

I added my blog address to my facebook and I'm wondering if that was a good idea or not... Perfect strangers are one thing, but people I know? People I work with? That's a little sketchy. I really write about my cats more than is healthy and I don't know if that's something I want people I know to know about.

They're doing fine by the way, thanks for asking.

According to this article the Great Wall of China is not visible from space. However, Little People Big World is now back into new episodes, and my joy is visible from space.

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