May 18, 2007

Sweet Emotion

Apparently, I'm not an emotional person. Unless of course, I'm watching Grey's Anatomy... but that's beside the point.

Back when I was a rebellious teenager, I developed a coping mechanism in order to survive mom's day long lectures. In order to stymie any further consequences, I would supress any reaction and sit in the kitchen stone-faced. My brother and sister tried another method, i.e. maybe we can drive her crazy enough with our foolish teenage logic that she'll stop (it never worked). I don't know that the lectures were any shorter for me, but no further ammunition came from my reaction.

Until of course the later years when I would get lectured for having no reaction... boy was that a confusing time... I added in a little balling and crying, which was so confusing to all involved that whatever the issue was, it was dropped and added to the pile of supressed emotions us lower middle class Anglo-saxon types tend to carry around with us.

Apparently facial stoicism and sarcasm are not useful tools in the Youth Care world. Who knew? I guess I also have issues opening up and I'm passive. Which pretty much sums up my family and ancestors in a tidy little nutshell. Some people's ancestors were hairy to stay warm and ward off mosquitos. Mine ignored their feelings and emotions in order to prevent themselves from forming any meaningful relationships. Because meaningful relationships meant you felt bad when you're family member was eaten by a sabre tooth. And feeling is bad.

Anywho, I have to learn to "open up" a bit more and notice how I'm feeling. Maybe if I were better at math I should have been an accountant... numbers don't make you talk about how you're feeling...

Just kidding... I'd never be good at math.

On a completely different note (feelings make me want to change the subject, as well), I never revealed the answers to those movie quotes. I believe Miss Coady was correct in her answers: Movie One was The Benchwarmers, Movie Two: Tombstone, Movie Three: Shawshank Redemption, Movie Four: Sister Act, Movie Five: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Also, I recently upgraded my template to the easier pull and drag stuff they've got going on. Much better than pretending I know HTML. One feature is that little strip of movie clips from YouTube. You click on a frame and the movie will play at the top of the page. It's pretty nifty, even though most of the keywords I put in don't play... I hold no responsibilty for the things it plays, in case you're offended.

The cats are great, thanks for asking. They've actually recently upgraded from Kitty Chow to Cat Chow, because the store where I was shopping on Mother's Day didn't have the baby stuff. I was worried that they wouldn't take to it, but they've eaten a lot of it... They grow up so fast!

I posted a question on Yahoo! Questions regarding Hank's neediness and the way he sucks his belly fur when he's going to sleep. The vet said he has OCD, the people on Yahoo! think I'm mean and took him from his mom too soon. His sister Steve handled things much better, so other than having a boys name she's great. I recently taught Hank to do back flips, but Steve's not a fan.

It's almost 7am which will mean bedtime. I've worked some odd shifts this week, 3pm-3am, and 11pm-7am twice. It's weird going to work when everyone's watching Lloyd Robertson... but I'd much rather that than have to get up early!

Check ya later.


Anonymous said...

Your anscestors hid their feelings?? Not the french side, which would explain the day long lectures. that was me and my french side expressing our feelings.
Just tap into your french side that should balance things out. You'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

F..... you are so great!
I am uber excited for camping, less than 2 months away... what are you doing next weekend, you should join shan and david on the trip to help us move, everybody's doin it....

Shannon said...

I loves you Ev'y

You should come up and see us next weekend - we're goign to Moncton...
I'm tryign to get down to Halifax on Monday you free?