June 03, 2007

Warning: Whining and Ungratefulness ahead

I am so tired!!! For one thing it's 7am. That might seem cozy and natural to your average bear, but I am not your average bear, nor has 7am been anything to me but a bedtime since at least May 6th. I've worked all night shifts since that date, and now the switch has done me in.

It may not just be the switch, it may be the fact that I haven't gotten much sleep in the past few days what with the hair doing and parade watching and all. *sigh* My circadian rythym is now more of an abstract staccato rythym than anything...

Went to the Apple Blossom Festival in the Annapolis Valley Friday and a good time was had... by all... I thought I was nice and prepared yesterday for the parade. Not wanting my red highlights to fade I bought an umbrella, sunglasses and wore sunscreen (the sunglasses and sunscreen were less for the hair and more for me, naturally). I was under that umbrella the whole time and still got burnt! Silly me, I guess I created merely the illusion of shade, rather than actual sun protection. Or Al Gore really is right and we're all going to die from umbrella penetrating sun stroke. Gah!

Nothing much has been happening lately. I went to see Shrek the Third a couple of weekends ago and was pretty disappointed. I'm not a big fan of marijuana jokes in kids movies. They didn't have to try very hard to make this one a blockbuster, since it's just built on the success of the other two. This movie really wasn't as much about making a movie to do the story justice but to make lots of money. Though isn't that always what it's about?

It's been awhile since I last posted, but can I remember anything I had thought about mentioning? No. Of course not. Although I do spend much of my waking hours in a fog these days. The stinging moments of clarity come when my alarm goes off at 5:30am and I realize I won't be sleeping again for a very, very long time...

I was disappointed to learn this morning that the IWK telethon which they say is on for 24 hours replays the earlier portion overnight. I had the impression that the less successful news people were running the show at that point, but alas, it was just Steve Murphy being his usual charming self.

Maybe I'll have something deep and profound to say later on, but that possibility is looking progressively slimer.

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Holly said...

Hey FC. Haven't talked to you in a while.

Well I have to say I disagree with you on Shrek 3. I totally loved it. But I am way more simple than you which could explain why. I laughed through the whole thing. It was great and I would totally go see it in the theatre again.

Ummm Evelyn? Are you ever going to get a computer? How am I supposed to talk to you when you don't even have msn?